Before I went to Europe last month for my post-graduate beercation, I pitched a bunch of zany ideas to a lot of outlets and nothing took. But God bless Gustavo and the OC Weekly for allowing me to use some of my travel photos and personal notes to share at least a little sliver of my discoveries with its readership. And for keeping my Austin Powers reference in the headline. 🙂

The Bruery Goes Global: Bottles Spotted In Netherlands–Ishn’t Dat Vierd?

Sarah Bennett
Beers from Placentia’s Bruery on the shelf at De Bierkoning, a bottleshop in Amsterdam.

We all know the Netherlands is the place in Europe to get great pot and decent-looking legal prostitutes, but bottles from Orange County’s own craft beer creators (and subject of last year’s cover story) The Bruery? Yup.

As this beer geek discovered on a recent vacation to the land of windmills, canals, clogs and the Cannabis Cup, the Dutch love American craft beer. They love Stone Brewing’s bitter, hoppy IPAs; they love rich, chocolate-y stouts from Ohio’s Hoppin’ Frog Brewery and they love aromatic pale ales from Anderson Valley and Port Brewing Companies.




January 5, 2012

For the second year in a row, I have had the honor of being published in Austria, writing a story for a Vienna-based publication called ArtPaper.

ArtPaper is an arts supplement that is thrown into a Sunday issue of the city’s Der Standard newspaper four times a year and is organized by MAK-Vienna, the Museum of Contemporary Art. MAK has a satellite location in Los Angeles and because of the deep connection between Austrian architects and the West Coast, it is called the MAK Center for Art and Architecture. This is all to say that the people in Vienna like to check up on us once in a while and get updated on how MAK-L.A. is doing, specifically with its MAK-Schindler scholarship program which supports and houses eight artists a year while they create projects based on this Euro-L.A. connection.