normandie rawlins was born on the sidewalk in front of doug weston’s troubadour while waiting for scalped tickets to a rilo kiley acoustic show (back when friendster knew what was up). she remembers, in a past life, being obsessed with vhs tapes, nickelodeon and anything that related to being ten years old in the mid-1990s so much so that most of her current life is an awkward, angry reflection of the previous karate kid-obsessed one. now, she’s a little bit of college student and a whole lot of writer who resents rss feeds and hacks out most of her words on a ’58 portable underwood bought in the back room of a thrift store. she would sell her soul for the perfect nut graph (or a room full of used books and no sense of time) but, ultimately, hopes to fly to hawaii with a beach chair backpack full of bathing suits and never be heard from again.

Her alter ago, Sarah Bennett, is a freelance writer, designer and editor currently living in Long Beach, California whose love for Long Beach is seconded only by her ambivalence towards Los Angeles, the city that reluctantly raised her. She writes about arts, culture and off-center lifestyles (with a heavy interest in the DIY, underground and avant-garde) and has been published in local, national and international publications including L.A. Record, City Beat Long Beach, L.A. Weekly, Vienna’s Der Standard and Paper Magazine. Her zine–Cerebellum–is available at Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon and online through select hard-to-type links. Her blog–Fake Bad Taste–is a dump for all the words (published and not) her brain needs to purge.

If you’re really brave, you can follow her Tumblr.

normandie (center) and her cousins take to the seas
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