top 5 mexican beers

May 4, 2012

Trying to write about the difference between all of the shitty light Mexican lagers for a Cinco de Mayo-inspired list (for the L.A. Weekly food blog Squid Ink) was a challenge. I even stopped by Beachwood to ask the bartenders’ opinions on the subject, but alas, they were un-opinionated on such lowbrow beverages. I eventually remembered how good some of the Mexican amber and dark lagers are and the rankings began to take shape. Apparently, this list is pretty spot-on, approved by those in the comment section as well as my geeky beer friends in the Hop Heads, so I’m pretty proud of it. 🙂

Drinko de Mayo

Top 5 Mexican Beers: What to Drink Before Tequila

Let’s face it, Mexico isn’t exactly a major player in the current craft beer revolution. But that doesn’t mean that its long tradition of easy-drinking, European-style lagers is something to be overlooked. Sure, the cervezamarket is just as consolidated and macro-dominated as the United States’ was in the 1970s, but even among the brews that make it up here, there are a few that stand out as more deserving than the rest.

So when faced with the Oktoberfest-of-Mexican-beer that is Cinco (or should we say Drinko?) de Mayo, arm yourself with our top 5 beers we think you should get down with before the tequila drops you to the floor. Turn the page.



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