checking in on… suburban rhythm

May 3, 2012

Love the headline OC Weekly gave this installment of my bi-weekly “Checking In On…” column. Immediately called Brian to make sure he wasn’t offended by it, but then I remembered he really and truly does have a bedroom full of obscure action figures and his cat’s name tattooed on his arm, so he was definitely okay. Also, he’s in a fucking ska band in 2012, so he clearly has a sense of humor.


Suburban Legends’ Brian Klemm Has the Bedroom of a 40-Year-Old Virgin

Longtime Orange County ska outfit and Disneyland’s favorite choreographed band-with-horns Suburban Legends have been looking for locals to open for them at their album-release show tomorrow night at Chain Reaction. Day Job, the latest from these fun-loving guys, is nearly four years coming, and its entirely self-recorded, straight OC-ska sound is breathing new life into a scene that, by all accounts, peaked 15 years ago.

We sat down with Suburban Legends guitarist Brian Klemm to ask for his and his fun-loving bandmates’ thoughts on building their own recording studio, experimenting with pop music and comic-book geekery.



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