LA gets a woody

April 9, 2012

Published at LA weekly’s food blog Squid Ink

Deschutes Brewery’s L.A. Base Camp Week: Chainbreaker White IPA, The Abyss + “Beer-lesque”


Meet Woody. He’s a giant towable beer barrel-keg that doubles as an operable bar and comes complete with disco ball, sound system and his own Twitter account. Though the party-on-wheels might be a cutesy promo gimmick for Bend, Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery(or the grown-up version of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile), we’ll cut the Northwest craft-beer stalwarts some slack — the company’s stellar pales, porters and stouts speak for themselves.

Still, for most of the year this mobile marketing tool travels to major cities in the 18 states where Deschutes is distributed, doles out some of the brewery’s best beers and plays centerpiece for week-long calendars of events as part of its “Base Camp” promotional campaign.

Woody landed in town over the weekend (appearing ar the Paramount lot for L.A. Beerfest) in anticipation of Los Angeles’ second-ever Base Camp Week, which officially begins today. This means that through Saturday, April 14, Woody — along with brewer Robin Johnson and other brand ambassadors — will be popping up at various L.A. venues for Deschutes-related events like a beer-and-cheese pairing at A.O.C. and a beer-themed burlesque show at Skinny’s Lounge.

Kegs of of rare Deschutes brews such as Chainbreaker White IPA, 2011’s The Abyss and the never-before-poured-in-L.A. Black Butte XXII are also on hand (as well as homebrew supplies and the requisite branded pint glasses), so check out the many public Base Camp events going on this week and support the latest offerings from one of America’s largest craft breweries.



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