touchdown, turn around

April 5, 2012

Originally published in the April 5 issue of OC Weekly.

Hellogoodbye Says Hello, Long Beach, Goodbye, Huntington!

[Checking In On . . .] Singer Forrest Kline talks about moving (slightly) north and the band’s upcoming album

For the past 11 years, Forrest Kline has been writing, singing and playing guitar for Hellogoodbye, the Warped Tour-friendly saccharine emo-pop band who once called Huntington Beach home. But after nearly a decade of keyboard-and-vocoder pogo jams about high-school crushes and innocent, booze-free parties, Kline didn’t call it quits, as did many of his contemporaries. Instead, he moved to Long Beach, got married and released 2010’s Would It Kill You?—a record of straightforward, grown-up indie pop.

After recovering from his recent trek to Austin, Texas, for this year’s South By Southwest music festival, Kline talked to us about his 100-year-old house; Hellogoodbye’s next record, due out this year; and all the Long Beach weirdos who make you feel sane.



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