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February 10, 2012

Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits Field Trip: Expansion Highlights

Originally posted at the L.A. Weekly Blog Squid Ink


Driving down this unsuspecting stretch of Interstate 15 in San Diego County, it’s hard to tell that some of Southern California’s most notable craft breweries are just off the freeway. If coming down the 5 from Los Angeles, take the 78 East in Carlsbad to the 15 South; before Downtown even has a chance to come into view, you’ve already passed Iron Fist, Lost Abbey, Stone, Green Flash, Alesmith and, lastly, Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits.
As one of 18 breweries in the country that also have an on-site distillery, Ballast Point is the only one in Southern California and the closest one to Los Angeles. That means that, in addition to 40-plus beers in constant rotation, Ballast Point makes its own gin, vodka, rum and — as soon as it’s done aging — whiskey. In addition to the daily booze production, Ballast Point is six months into an expansion that will double its annual brewing capacity (to 60,000 barrels) over the next year.

Last week, head brewer and head distiller Yuseff Cherney gave us a tour of his growing — from 11,000 to 20,000 square feet — Scripps Ranch facility and let us in on some of the best add-ons. Turn the page to read Cherney’s own words on the coolest things we saw.



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