LBC (the c stands for crazy)

March 11, 2011

I’m so sick of all the cities that have taken the phrase “Keep [insert city name] Weird” and blasted it all over shot glasses, playing cards, pins and tshirts because none of the places that bought rights to the logo are actually weird. Portland is just one giant Urban Outfitters ad comprised of baristas/artists/writers/zinesters/cyclists in early retirement and Austin is only truly weird for one week a year when all the other weirdos from other cities fill their streets with show fliers and down cell phone towers with iPhone overload.

Long Beach is where the real weirdos are at and we don’t even need to ask that people keep this place weird because it just sort of does it itself. I thought I’d share some cell phone photos from the last few weeks that have made me appreciate the oddball insanity of the place that I call home.

For all the tourist babies who refuse to go naked.

Just a guy transporting his wet mop at 9am on a Sunday morning.No bucket. No Pine Sol. Just mop.

Just a cardboard space helmet chillin on the platform of the Pacific Ave. Blue Line station.

What is this so-called “luck” and where can I get some?


2 Responses to “LBC (the c stands for crazy)”

  1. you should know.. it’s your casino!

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