October 5, 2010

Postmodern identities are always in flux and mine is no different. My conception of self has been shaped by the movies I watch, the classes I take, the people I meet and all the other media sources that inundate my life on a daily basis. While the senses of sight and touch seem to be the most common way to acquire knowledge through experience, the ear is slowly regaining recognition as an important faculty for self-realization. Every day I hear familiar noises that re-affirm my sense of self and at the same time acquire new ones that I then incorporate into my fluid identity. My identity isn’t the sum of my sonic experiences, however, it is also in the sounds recorded for us, making me less of a point-of-contact or a picture-of-sound, but instead a channel, “through which voices, noises and musics travel” (Connor 57). Though “the ideal of a self structured around the experiences of hearing…encounters serious difficulty,” below are seven sounds that today, define me (Connor 61). Through my childhood up through the present, the autobiographical mixtape is more than just favorite songs—they are the tools by which I have come to know myself.

Below is the list and link to download my autobiography playlist. Read my critical analysis here.

1. childhood voicemails


2. Radiolab episode


3. Mingus – Hora Decubitis


4. Blue line sounds


5. Ashes & Snow – Pasadena


6. Latin Mass bells



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