orientation issue

August 18, 2010

Pedal power: a look at bicycle options

for students on the move

As anyone who lives on or near campus knows, owning a bicycle puts you at a crucial advantage. Cars are impractical in such cramped quarters and walking is too time-consuming, leaving the simple, man-powered machine as the best option for those craving a stress-free commute to class.

But bikes are more than just two wheels and handlebars. While they all serve the same basic point-A-to-point-B function, bikes come in a variety of forms, each possessing its own set of benefits and pitfalls.

Unfortunately, there is no “best” type of bicycle to get you through college, but there is definitely something for everyone, and because of that, USC’s bicycle population is as diverse as its students.

Below is a sample of some common campus bikes and what each can do for you



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