sensae fowley makes industry conference relevant

August 13, 2010

“Kim Fowley is for sale,” might be lambasted across the music industry veteran’s website, but I still never thought that he would actually be taken up on “professional entertainment skill” number 13: motivational speaker. Leave it to the whale’s vagina, however, to change all that.

The words “keynote” and “speaker” might never be in the same sentence as swami-coolcreep Fowley if it were not for future-headed SoCal annual music industry conference, the North Park Music Thing (and by “thing” they mean music industry conference). Now in its third year, the NPMT  is willing to look past all of Fowley’s alien-like weirdness and offer him a forum with which to drop decades of music wisdom onto unsuspecting San Diegans. In fact, the entire lineup of panelists reads like a Los Angeles music-industry freak train with Fowley shoveling coals into the burning furnace at the front.

Unlike other music conferences which continue to draw from an incestuous pool of academics and major label upper management for its knowledge dissemination, the Music Thing is actually responding to the industry’s sad state and bringing in people usually ignored in such matters. By dredging up the names of those who have found success outside of the mainstream channels (the speaker list includes actual touring musicians plus owners of small venues, independent record labels and smaller publicity firms), the North Park Music Thing is creating something more than just a life lessons seminar for aspiring weirdos.

With the foundations of music distribution crumbling and traditional marketing methods now useless, speakers like Fowley will provide attendees with information that independent artists can actually use, making the NPMT an affordable, useful and non-elitist South By Southwest for the rest of us. Thanks, Sandy Eggo!


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