what the fuck: pavement rip-off bands

May 13, 2010

What the fuck Cymbals Eat Guitars?

Just because you are all awkward-looking college students with varying amounts of dark features doesn’t mean you are automatically allowed to pretend you are the post-post-punk’s answer to Pavement. Or Built to Spill, for that matter. I’m all about listening to bands that take influence from sonically rapturous 90s outfits (who took their influence from longtime rock papa bear The Fall), but when the only part you’re using is that whole loud-quiet-loud aesthetic, it seems a little trite.

If you’re going to try and entice a new generation of listeners to buy into the dissonant indie rock sound, the least you can do is do it some justice. Thank you for naming your band in accordance with your music’s thriving quality, but how about instead of growing a rattail mullet and writing poetry worthy of an unrequited high school love letter, you could try to spend some more time figuring out how to place the progressive sounds of the bands you idolize into a 2010 context because I am sure as fuck you (nor I) have no idea what it felt like to be a West Coast wonkbot in the early 90s.



One Response to “what the fuck: pavement rip-off bands”

  1. Fernando said

    Funny their are a rip-off of a rip-off band like Pavement. Hi, The Fall.

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