new video: andrew w.k. “i’m a vagabond”

May 7, 2010

Originally posted here

If Andrew Wilkes-Krier’s grease-stained stage persona hadn’t already begun to unravel during his questionably sober performance on Liberace’s mirrored piano last December, his newest music video is further proof that the hard-partying Andrew W.K. is grappling with the conflicting personality of its unpredictable, possibly satanic creator.

Continuing his movement away from sweaty-concert-footage concepts, Andrew W.K.’s video for “I’m A Vagabond” features solo shots of the man in white against a foreboding black background. Just like in earlier videos, Andrew begins by slipping on his lost-and-found Air Jordans. But instead of then engaging in high-energy stunts such as running through a house with a microphone or jumping onto a well-lit stage full of musicians, he stands under a spotlight and is given the “you-stand-still-while-we-slowly-pan-around-you-with-the-camera” treatment like it’s a 1970s glamor shot.

What follows is two and a half minutes of subliminal messaging dripping through a power-ballad sieve. There is slow motion headbanging and earnest fist shaking a la Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything for Love” mixed with aspirin popping and a Liber AL vel Legis book-reading via LonelyGirl15’s occult days. Add that to the fact that for half of the video, Andrew is stomping around wearing sunglasses over a plastic white-guy Halloween mask, as to look like an almost-real version of himself.

If Andrew’s December performance showed an entertainer reluctant to comply with the terms of his job, then putting together the pieces of this video would seem that Aleister Crowley’s Thele mantra (“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law,” a.k.a. stop caring about everyday desires and do everything you can to work towards your destiny) helped him to accept his calling—even if that calling is to milk this Andrew W.K. character for all the money it’s worth.


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