bikes on the mind

March 12, 2010

I have stood at the intersection of Vermont and Beverly many times in my metro-riding career, but it was not until I whizzed by in my car yesterday did I notice three poles with familiar line forms atop. Subtly placed in front of the Citibank on the intersection’s  southeast corner, the unmarked public art sculpture places a message of bicycle-riding awareness in the place it’s needed most. Cemented into a curb riddled with street light poles, bus signs and “no parking” posts, the three metal rods stood out with their entirely metal form. Where other poles would have their informative signs, these had only artistically abstract bicycle handlebars, steel warped into the three most common handlebar shapes. The placement of these poles is no accident–the other posts in the same corner’s pack speak in some way to our reliance on cars/oil. The drops, cruisers and riser bars atop the artist-created posts were well-played amid the bus signs (public transit isn’t always guilt-free) and the parking restriction postings (owning a car is a bitch, sometimes) that sat in front of an institution of capitalism. Bravo to whoever put them there–they have not gone unnoticed!

ALSO, I went to Reform School to pick up a birthday present for Ashley “Motherfucking Zef” Jax and ended up also walking out with Dames on Frames: Issue #1, a feminist bike zine out of Minneapolis/ St. Paul. It inspired me, yet again, to finish another issue of Cerebellum and my goal is to do one over Spring Break next week. I don’t want to do per zines forever because it’s pretty self-aggrandizing, but it’s my only outlet for all the shit no one else will publish. I think I’m going to do some zine-searching when I go to Portland at the end of the month and see if I can get passionate about something besides chronic tonic’s THC-infused lemonade.


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