January 31, 2010

I just got my two newest acquisitions back from Gary’s Typewriters and, boy, am I a giddy lady. I’m going to nerd out now and show photos of my babies and talk about the different things that they do and why I love them so.

family portrait

#1. Smith-Corona Pride Line, early ’60s. The most compact of the bunch.

When I bought this at the Salvation Army, the typebars were so full of gunk between them that they couldn’t even move.

And it has cursive script lettering!!!! This one is for the love letters.

#2. Smith-Corona Electric. Given to me for Christmas from my best friend. This bad boy folds up into its portable briefcase and when the time is right, plug it in and you’ll be grace with the whirs and clicks of a vintage typewriter (check out the video I made of these awesome sounds below)

#3. 1956 Remington Quiet Riter, the oldest and most dependable of the bunch. Purchased at a garage sale for way to little money.

Its innards are beautiful. This fucker could be in a museum.

The type still looks good after all these years! Solid pressure (for a manual!) and beautiful font for official writing business.

And last but not least, #4. my pride and joy, the Underwood Golden-Touch Deluxe

This was the first typewriter I bought. Found it at a thrift store for a few bucks and was hooked.



One Response to “typerwriters”

  1. Michael said

    Hi, I just got a Smith Corona Pride Line – the same one in the photo. I want to get more info on it. Any suggestions? Where is Gary’s Typewriters?

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