cerebellum: the mother’s day issue

December 31, 2009

That’s right motherfuckers. The inaugural issue of Cerebellum is complete and ready for public scrutiny. Completing this was a labor of love, motivated by the temptation to cut and paste tissue paper and an inability to sort through my late mother’s personal effects without wanting to share some of it with others. The issue reads in reverse chronological order with most of the text taken directly from ‘il giornale’ that my mother kept while she was pregnant with me. As you can tell by the cover, it starts with my birth, but then it runs backwards through the day she found out she was pregnant. Her words have been retyped on a vintage portable Underwood typewriter and re-purposed with supporting images and a variety of colors and textures. It is simultaneously a tribute and my therapy. Even if you don’t know me, it might make you cry. If you do know me, you’ll be bawling.

The Mother’s Day Issue was a big experiment to see if I could actually get a zine to completion. And judging from the months of gluestick abuse and Xacto knife refills (followed by two hours at a Sherwood, Oregon UPS Store), I fucking can. I even managed to convince Powell’s—the biggest bookstore in the land—to stock some issues in its Independent Publishing section and am in the process of hooking up other zine distros with copies.

Next up: The Dreams Issue. eta=summer ’10


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