another winter break update (see last year)

December 30, 2009

I have epically failed to keep this awesome blog updated with my regular amount of inane ramblings.

So far, I have neglected to complete essays on how much I hate Jeff Dunham (and how ventriliquism will never be cool or even slightly entertaining due to the complete removal of all pretenses ((and the flatness of the professional ventriliquist’s face from years of pretending to throw his voice))), Jordan Catalano’s attempt to ride fixed gear in his latest music video/short film and how it inadvertently got Congo laid (see also my LOLCAT reinterpretations of Mr. Mitchell’s headshot at 5:09—–number 1number 2—-number 3) and lastly, I have not leveled any of my anger with the news goings on in L.A. (which are too numerous to name).

So what have I been doing? Well, now that I’m on Christmas vacation, I traveled to Portland where I sold the first issue of my zine to Powells, attempted to snowboard at Timberline, drove around the inner eastside by myself, got excited about bicycle framebuilding, ate alone at porque no, bought a Big Star vinyl at Jackpot, got a LOT of casual shoes for Christmas and finally found a brown leather jacket that matches my skin tone (it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it). I also have been trying to make my office more workspace oriented and eliminate my storage container because it’s a big fucking waste of money. But mostly, I have been reading lots of cultural and music critique books, finding excuses to interview Jeff Mapes and Scott H. Biram, and riding my bikes (hello gears!) around town, all in the name of getting elbow deep in a bout of investigative journalism.

So, in closing, I will start another paragraph with the word “so,” then leave you with a Wired story I found about Homestar Runner meme nostalgia. For the record, though, I never forgot about you Strong Bad/Strong Sad/Coach Z/Marzipan/The Cheat/fhqghads, just made my visits less frequent (“sb techno” still comes up on my iPod’s shuffle sometimes—R.I.P. 11th grade).

Sorry the scan is crooked. My 3-in-one is possessed!


2 Responses to “another winter break update (see last year)”

  1. ellen said

    A very special dude bought be Strong Bad’s 50 Best Emails DVD for Christmas. Xo.

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