what the fuck: pizza hut and jim breuer

September 8, 2009

Jim Breuer fell off my radar for just long enough to become a humorous nostalgic memory to bring up at parties (“Remember when we thought that was funny?!”), but apparently, he’s back (but maybe never really left–who knows?) with a Pizza Hut commercial where he is traipsing around a high school party mumbling about stuffed crust pizza and screaming “Jackpot!” every 3 seconds. Technically, he was back last week when a clip surfaced of the 42 year-old comedian “flipping out” on the commercial set (at the P.A. who was determined to remove the prop pizza between takes), but Pizza Hut admitted their viral marketing team was behind the attempt to ride the post-freakout negative publicity coattails of Christian Bale and we all tried not to ask ourselves “Why Jim Breuer?”

But tonight while watching some obscure straight-to-DVD Van Wilder sequel, the final commercial aired and somewhere between the miraculously unscathed pizza box and the splash-free hop onto an inflatable pool raft, the question, again, emerged: Why Jim Breuer? Why is a 40 year-old man pretending to be high by squinting all the time a worthy spokesperson for pizza? Maybe all the college kids who smoke pot will remember his role in Half Baked and equate his face with 450 calorie-per-slice pizza (yum?)? Is it because he was funny back when the company first introduced their stuffed crust pizza (1995)? Or that Pauly Shore was too busy doing Pert Plus spots? I guess I’m just confused because Pizza Hut seems to have been dying for the youth vote in recent years and all of their Twitter points have been negated by this epic marketing fail. And a “what the fuck” to Jim for not telling them of this obvious formula for disaster.


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