website coming soon

July 25, 2009


Things are kicking into gear, personal and professional projects are piling up and I need my own fucking website. Despite my hesitation about fully giving into the Internet’s powers, I realize that anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a creative needs to have a where they compile all their bragging rights so they have a reason to start accepting work emails through their email address. I think my life would be made easier, especially now that I have used up my brain’s limit of Google folders. And since I also have an impeccably-kept physical portfolio—where despite my junior-year homelessness and un-parenting encountered in my mid-teens, a copy of every single article is still ruber cemented to a piece of paper and encased in a sheet protector-full folder—I feel that I should share it digitally. Who could forget my horribly un-researched, entirely heresay-based account of why Taking Back Sunday broke up in May of 2003 (“deaths in the immediate families of 3 of the band’s 5 members”)? Or my 2006 rage against Britney where I called her then-husband, “Kevin ‘The Sperminator’ Federline”??? All these and more of my articles, poetry, short stories, word vomit, opinons, designs, photography, collages, Adobe illustrator attempts, crafts projects and more can be shared through a domain name I already own if I could only get through these rudimentary HTML help lessons faster.

So, for now, it’s a coming soon thing with a link to my email but it took me about 4 hours to figure out that alone (half an hour of that was spent trying to remember my ftp password), but if you know of anyone that would like to have their work cut out for them, I would appreciate some CSS help so I can start uploading all this crap. I have money (a little)!


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