music tuesdays

July 22, 2009

Ever since their PR guy got back to me about having a Barrio Sweat cologne review for the DT, I have been obsessed with The Bronx’s new mariachi album. Well, I was obsessed when the hardcore/punk/post-hardcore/post-punk, genre bending rock band nabbed two hispanic members (one of the guys from Los Lobos’ sons will do) and started playing self-written oompa music while decked out in full mariachi gear, but that was last year and the actuality of a Bronx mariachi album seemed further off than Chinese Democracy. But after some song title changes and a stop at Brando’s Paradise, Mariachi el Bronx, will finally be released on August 17, as not only an interesting new case of cultural mixture, but a great fucking album. The Bronx infuses acoustic Bronx-punk and a variety of traditional Mexican sounds like an Echo Park sidestreet and the mix is so right-on, you’d think they were actually playing at your table during a romantic dinner (it makes me wish my neighbors in the alley would spin it the next time their quinciniera party goes past midnight).


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