tasteless halloween costumes

July 8, 2009

I think that now is as inappropriate a time as ever to share the only remaining photo of the night my asshole ex and I desecrated the King of Pop and his children by dressing up in gas and masquerade masks and walking up to a party of a friend’s friend in Laguna Beach. So for any of you frat boys trying scheming now for your ironic Michael Jackson costume for Halloween this year, just know that it was already tastelessly done back in 2005 just months after the ‘not-guilty’ verdict, so you should probably just reuse that Dick In A Box thing you whipped up last year (or buy an OxyClean shirt off of one of Billy Mays’ pallbearers).

My costume was modeled after the imfamous zoo-outing photo from 2003:

Boy, if I didn’t feel like enough of an asshole then, I sure don’t now (the next day at work, I dressed up like Macauley Caulkin from Home Alone–get it?!).


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