the day everything died

June 25, 2009

As everyone knew within an hour of it happening (thanks TMZ), Michael Jackson is dead. The next few weeks will expose the facets of his personal life that may or may not have lead to his cardiac arrest, but mostly people that were born after Thriller came out will weep openly at the UCLA Medical Center until he gets put underground somewhere and then they can all flock to his grave like a sobering Jim Morrison fan. But while everyone who was not convinced that Jackson’s weirdness overshadowed his pre-whiteification talent might be mourning the loss of a pop icon, I’m more worried about the simultaneous deaths of other entertainment icons. Sky Saxon, Ed McMahon, Steven Wells, Farah Fawcett and MJ all died within 48 hours of each other and I can’t help but think that this is going to be a Mother Theresa-Princess Diana simultaneous-death moment where Diana’s unlikely passing made an imprenetable news wall that no Carmelite nun’s lifelong advocacy of good could break through (which, I’m sure, is how that humble old broad wanted it anyway). But this time, it’s more upsetting because the losses from psychedelic music, late night television, punk-fucking journalism, babe-dom and pop supremacy are of great importance in their own right that’s it’s a shame to make the media choose between coverage (guess who they’re going to pick!). First Dom Delouise leaves a hole in my jewish-humor’d heart and now five more of the best are out of here. If Men In Black were true and an advanced alien race came down during the Bronze Age to inhabit humanoid bodies, then they must have decided we’re not worth it and are just heading home (which means we should probably get out of here, too).

Anyway, R.I.P to all the celebrities that have died since the beginning of June because, fuck, it’s a lot: David Carradine (Bill of Kill Bill), Bob Bogle (of The Ventures), Ed McMahon, Steven Wells, Farah Fawcett, Sky Saxon and MJ.

Patrick Swayze, put down those cigarettes, dumbass, or you’re next!


One Response to “the day everything died”

  1. daniel said

    Thanks for this – I was listening to some Seeds music this evening – and I looked up information about Sky Saxon, the talented man who was so important in creating this unique sound and vision -and I came across your comments – – – well put … Daniel

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