what the fuck: orange county

June 4, 2009

What the fuck Orange County? Cutting Planned Parenthood funding because you don’t like abortions??!?! You understand that they do other stuff besides surgical abortions, right? Stuff like PREVENTION and WOMEN’S HEALTH. You’re upset that so many unwanted babies are being killed, but are ensuring the rise of said unwanted babies my removing family planning and forcing low-income women to remain unhealthy and ignorant. The logic is tantamount to suspending a student for ditching school and I am outraged at the stupidity.

Planned Parenthood is the closest thing we have to some form of socialized medicine and it’s only right that it is demonized for both it’s teachings and its methods, but so far, it’s the only fucking system that has gotten it right. Yesterday, I went to take care of my annual womanly-needs test at the Planned Parenthood and decided to travel south to the less-crowded, less-awkward Costa Mesa location. After an hour-long wait with an eclectic group of patients (a bro, a girl with her mother and an old guy whose presence confused me) and sometime after they demanded a piss test but before they handed me a bag of condoms and birth control pills, I noticed a slip on the nurse’s desk that read “I support Planned Parenthood of Orange County!” with a space to sign if I beleive that breast health education is important enough to keep around (because the county supervisors do not).

Then, I remembered Lila Rose, the 20 year-old UCLA student with the perfect hair and a website centered around calling out institutions that don’t agree with her who decided to make herself a martyr for her anti-choice cause by recording visits to an Los Angeles PP pretending to be a pregnant 15 year-old with a 23 year-old boyfriend trying to get an abortion. Her YouTube footage filmed from her purse’s netherregions shows an admitted-wannabe actress coming across as a scared underage girl who knows that she is in a boatload of trouble if her dad finds out. She doesn’t fill out any paperwork, but asks how to fill it out and the woman tells her that depending on what she writes, charges may have to be filed against her boyfriend. She explains the Planned Parenthood policy of calling the police and reporting anything illegal that is reported to them, but NOTHING WAS REPORTED TO THEM. Lila Rose just stated her age during a quick talk with an employee, she didn’t provide it in a manner that requires PP action since she is NOT EVEN A FUCKING PLANNED PARENTHOOD PATIENT. Identity (including age) is never verified when you go to the clinic and whatever information is provided on the forms you fill out when you register is what they go by. But, even without Lila’s questioning of the non-profits “rules of reporting,” I would think that any 15 year-old that is smart enough to figure out how to get away with having sex under their parents nose would be smart enough to lie about their age (or the boyfriend’s) to avoid pressing charges.

But unfortunately, the people that agree with her improper findings of “investigative journalism” are turning it into a new voice for the anti-choice movement (even though age-of-consent has nothing to do with what you see as killing a human life) and are using her “evidence” to enduce sweeping setbacks for Planned Parenthood’s crucial services. Back in March, the Orange County Board of Supervisors denied $300,000 in sexual education funding because the company performed surgical abortions. This logic has so many errors that I cannot begin to elaborate on the idiocy behind it. If you’re anti-abortion, cut abortion services, not methods that prevent the need for abortions in the first place. Duh.

Anyway, I signed the slip at the Planned Parenthood because general women’s health is more important to me than fear of socialized healthcare, and I got sent on my way with a year’s supply of birth control pills, stoked for the opportunity to protect myself from a child I am not ready for, but more importantly, exercsing my right to choose what happens to my body before a created life comes into play. Orange County is making things worse for themselves for trying to take that away because instead of saving themselves $300,000 right now, they are going to need double that to ensure county-funded care for the unwanted children produced from their decision. This isn’t a religious debate anymore, Supes, it’s a social one, so drop your moral beliefs and start doing what’s right for your constituents.


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