new n00z

June 1, 2009

So this is way super belated since I just received my issue with crying Oprah on the cover (what are we up to now, three?), but I fucking love the new Newsweek layouts. I’ve been subscribing to to the slightly-liberal news weekly for nearly a year because a) it makes me look smarter and b) I hate my ex- stepmom—but more on that later—and finally they noticed that the stuffy old newsprint-looking layouts and blah blah blah “My Turn” columns about house foreclosures and adopted Chinese daughters mourning dog death (I think I was the only one who found it ore ironic than touching) needed a major revamp-ment (at the end there, I was barely smiling at the Dignity Index).

Announcing their plans for a redesign back in February, Newsweek cited the magazine’s decline from a mass audience to a niche on, but instead of folding like so many struggling schmucks, they decided to go with it. And by catering to the specific demographic of leftover newsweek readers—educated 30-40 somethings obsessed with being politically aware and modern chic—they’re keeping the subscribers they want. My ex-stepmom, of course, told my dad she hates it and has now cancelled her subscription (so basically, I win). Anyway, I’m proud of Newsweek for keeping their head above water and bringing their logo font to the inside (pretty ballsy to use the light version for basic copy–Georgia is that youuu?!) and focusing on great photography to introduce readers to the story. The magazine is now separated into four distinct sections (which is helpful when I skip over the pointless opinions of their columnists—ugh enough with the Fareed!) which have thought-provoking stories andcleaner layouts (fear not the white space!). Thank you Newsweek for going easy on the eyes. ILY.

introduction to pointless opinions (but damn it looks clean!)

clever way to present information in the culture section

they even interviewed nico muhly and wayne coyne!!!!

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