meghan mcain

May 22, 2009

I know Meghan McCain is just a patsy for the Republican party’s attempt to modernize its image, but I can see through all the needless television appearances she’s been making lately, and respect where she’s coming from. Maybe her lunches at The Ivy with McCain-supporter Heidi Montag were a bit over the top last year, but otherwise, she has proven herself to be an eloquent, practical good new-fashioned moderate Republican and just because she was raised spoiled as hell by an ice queen with a new-money hubby doesn’t mean she can’t turn out moderately in-touch with reality.

A few nights ago she appeared on the Colbert Report and answered questions about her Twitter, her blog and her plans to lick Colbert’s face. She described herself as “pro-sex, pro-life and pro-gay marriage” (which she explained is not a contradiction) and seems like a regular college-aged girl trying to find her allegiance in a sea of dysfunctional ideologies. Of course her father’s conservative ways had some influence on her, but after some careful venturing into the real world of responsible beer-drinking (ahem–Bush twins) and safe sex advocacy, she decided that there’s no reason you have to be Democrat to support a reassessment of the status quo.

So Meghan McCain has a foot tattoo, doesn’t date people that like her dad, updates her Twitter with thoughts on Jeff Buckley (“Only the good die young.”) and thinks that old people should get off our social networking sites (plus, she’s hotter than Chelsea Clinton). Her recent talk show tour and recently-announced book deal (and songs of the day from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and 3OH!3) are clearly hopes to attract more young people to the Republican party (proving that it can be molded to fit your needs, I guess) but despite her impressive, thought-out progressive banter done on both her personal blog and The Daily Beast, Meghan McCain is still that friend you agree to disagree with.

You’re on the same page enough to invite her to your birthday party (and you’re into the fact that she’s the only McCain photographed hugging the adopted Bangladeshi sister, Bridget), but if you end up missing you’re period, she’s not the one you call for a ride to the clinic (which, I guess, can be seen as one big metaphor for the Republican party).


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