summer vacation

May 19, 2009

a fakebadtaste composite (french models may not appear exactly as in real life)

Since summer has come in screaming like a goddamn 100-degree banshee, I decided to take my first amount of vacation time and hit the road. Long story short, I ended up hitting the 210 without air conditioner, adding more antifreeze in Beaumont and rattling my little jalopy out to the Palm Springs Viceroy where I hung out by the pool with European models who are surprisingly not robots, sipping grapefruit juice and Bombay gin cococtions on am empty stomach while telling every New Yorker on a raft about this whole “medicinal marijuana” concept. After getting suntanned on only one side of my body, the Grazia Magazine photo crew (the photographer, makeup artist, hairstylist) and I drove around the desert trying to find the perfect vantage point for a cochella valley sunset. Ryan took a spectacular photo of an Alaskan malamute–which may get him some more work for Dog Fancy–and all the old people could tell we weren’t from around there. We almost went to the Salton Sea because I bragged about how it looks like the future where everyone is on meth and the entire landscape looks like Children of Men and I tried to decribe the pictures I took the time I was in Bombay Beach filming a friend’s music video but there is no way to describe the squalor and desolation humans are capable of creating when left unsupervized in a desert. Currently, my camera is hopelessly broken, so all I have is mental images of my time at the Viceroy, but I assure you that the entire day was spectacular.

I’m making a to do list for summer that doesn’t include paying any bills or having responsibility to anyone else but meeeee. Downtown Long Beach feels alive in a way that is more crawling than teeming and I’m not sure I missed it. Also, have I mentioned how fucking hot it is? And the fact that even after driving straight from Palm Springs to my favorite beach and soaking in the infinite number of sea breezes available, my bones are still filled with the lethargy of heat.


One Response to “summer vacation”

  1. Nadia said

    Wow..your Salton Sea pics are amazing and yes humans can do some major damage when left alone. Even in an empty desert, they’ll find a way…

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