swine flu bigotry

April 30, 2009

I knew it. I fucking knew it. When I saw the swine flu outbreak map last week and the spread of new cases was an obvious result of travel from and within Mexico, I knew that anti-immigration assholes would use it to their benefit. Yes, our borders are porous and that obviously poses a health risk when the “human-swine avian flu” is running rampant in Mexico, but instead of using the unnecessary hysteria to bring another notch to your “we need a 30 foot high wall between us and them” argument (I’m looking at you, Michael Savage), you should probably read up on what microbiologists are discovering about your death virus train to closed borders. When originally discovered, the current hybrid mutation looked like it had the potential to bring another 1918 where 50 million people succumbed to a virus with similar structures, but after a week of research and genetic testing on the swine flu, scientists determined that the crazy strain (lol Ozzy) is even less severe than the average flu. But America always does love a good drama (last episode of Friends) and so the World Health Organization upped its infectious disease alert level and declared that a pandemic is “inevitable,” causing Asian women to don those cloth masks out in public and raising our fear-of-that-which-is-foreign to SARS-worthy proportions. Even though the majority of cases reported in the US are of our own dumb citizens traveling to Mexico without hand sanitizer, conservative patriots are still going to use the one homeland death (of a 2 year-old Mexican child that visited family across the border) and “inevitable pandemic” announcement as more weak proof for the longtime “they bring diseases” belief and we’ll never fucking hear the end of it. Why can’t we just treat these types of momentary scientific scares like the alien landings and make sure stupid people don’t hear about it?


2 Responses to “swine flu bigotry”

  1. backwardnikomahs said

    I knew it! I knew I would find some bleeding heart making American citizens feel they are whats that phoney bologna word oh yea “Scapegoating” those poor Mexicans who just love everybody and are just searching for the American dream. I can not understand the logic or should I say lack thereof of these illegal huggers. These mongrels have been in central and south America as long as the Anglo-Saxons have been in North America.Why can’t they create their own great civilization? I’ll tell you why because they are mongrels. A curse to God’s natural order of things. That is why the devils who control America want a mongrelized society. COntrol baby control! There is nothing easier in this world than to worship the devil system here in America. Guess what I’ll never bow my head to it they’ll have to kill me first!!!!

    • fakebadtaste said

      Wow! Ignorant and angry–a winning combination for race wars, but a losing one for the inevitable global village. Firstly, the Anglo-Saxons were never in North America since that term refers to a specific set of tribes in Southeast England prior to the middle ages, but by the time whitefolk did figure out how to make a boat and get over here, indigenous people had already been hanging out for more than 10,000 years. Politics of oppression (including spreading the ideologies of hate and fear that you blindly subscribe to in the name of g-o-d) is THE ONLY reason Europeans were able to create “their own great civilization” and leave everyone else behind.

      I definitely think illegal immigration is a major problem, but so is ignorance.

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