sxsw ahoy!

March 18, 2009

Yes, yes. It’s about that time of yearrrr [singing voice]. Spring (break) is in the air, shorts are now acceptable daytime gear and thankfully, so is traveling Texas—but for only one week. I’m making some “special” chocolate chip cookies, giving half my crap to Buffalo Exchange and dressing like it’s laundry day because my flight to the great city of Austin (via Fort Worth) leaves in the morning. But as I’m running around making authoritative-looking LASXSW2009 laminants for no reason and listening to too much Mae Shi and the Eels, I cant help but know I am missing out on today’s kick-off festivities. This is the time of the trip to SXSW—the pre-trip—where reality and the alternate, mid-March in Autin reality begin to merge. Phone calls from tour vans and text messages from the east coast ask “Are you in Austin, yet?” and I say “no” from my living room where I’ve slept in until 3pm because I was stuck at work until well after the drunk rush and no one understands why I am taking the next 5 days off, but, oh I have ants in my stomach just thinking about all the live music-watching and LA Record promoting I’m going to be doing over my very early in the year Spring Break. Here’s to year number 2! May I pass out more business cards than at the first!!

If you’re going: Make sure to go to The Independent tomorrow night for our official SXSW LA Record Showcase with Blue&Exile, The Henry Clay People, Blank Blue, Bus Driver and Very Be Careful. And save some for Saturday’s Tee Pee Records & LA Record SXSW Day Party with The Warlcoks, year Long Disaster, Tweakbird, Night Horse and moreeeee! My good friend Ashley at Rock Insider has made a pretty comprehensive survival guide to the independent music clusterfuck that will occur over the weekend, so first timers beeeewaaarrreee!

If you’re not going: You’re missing out.


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