acid mothers temple

March 4, 2009

On Sunday morning, a naked brown man climbed the cross at the West Bethel Presbyterian Church on La Brea and 9th, shit in his hand and smeared it all over himself and the cross. Then, he paced around for seven hours, threatening to jump and preventing god-fearing mid-city dwellers from getting their day of rest. Everyone’s assumption: religious hate crime. My assumption: acid.

To make this better, I was mentioning the hilarity of it all in my art class today and the angsty girl from Indiana next to me uses the most words she’s ever said to anyone all semester to tell me that she was watching the video and recognized it as her friend, Navid, who she has never known to do psychedelics but “wouldn’t put it past him.”

Saddest part of the story to me is that news of the standoff was relayed to the public through Twitter. THE LOS ANGELES FIRE DEPARTMENT HAS A TWITTER ACCOUNT. I’m saving my rant about how much I hate the concept of Twitter for another post, but man, my distaste is great. Who needs the single lamest aspect of Facebook expanded into an entire website and who needs that website to be purveyed by our city’s fire department? What will I ever do when I live in a city without misguided tax dollars (get off the computer and answer the fucking phone)?

And from today’s L.A. Times:

I should start a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Twitter addicts like our fucking fire department and congresspeople because the first step to solving a problem is admitting that there is one. This is not a marketing opportunity any more than a bake sale is a viable fundraising strategy.

Maybe Navid’s last tweet read “peyote for breakfast.”


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