man, i’m old

March 1, 2009

I’ve been slowly going insane, trapped between 45-hour school weeks, 30-hour in graveyard shifts and power naps on the couch to beg my legs not to fall off. And somewhere in the middle, my brain turned into vegan chili that is slowly seeping out my ears. After interviewing the Moving Units yesterday, I got sucked into where I proceeded to waste half a day going back in blog time, downloading every remix that made me forget pop punk. In addition to Young Love and Peter Bjorn and John remixes, I came across some Brazilian fourteen year olds that have a song called “Born in the 90s” that is too good not to share.

So, until my sanity returns and I can compress my thoughts into more cohesive paragraph structures (like how peeved are you about all these fucking Clive Owen spy thrillers????), download Mickey Gang- Born in the 90s (demo). Or, if you’re feeling really saucy, try the remix, Mickey Gang- Born in the 90s (Naji Nahas Footloose Remix).

Oh, and read this article from yesterday’s L.A. Times about a dying man who spent his whole life studying suicide. It’s so well-written that it made me cry in the back room at work while I was eating yogurt and avoiding my tables’ empty water cups. Writer Thomas Curwen just sets the scene perfectly and intersperses a profile piece in the course of a day in what this man’s life has become, working in his personality, humor, philosophy and legacy into one amazing feature story. After reading it, I felt a little better about the end of life and the black emptiness that has loomed over the event since I was a child is somehow a little more like an open blue sky. Plus, everyone knows about my obsession with cute old guys (COGs), so an athiest one that knows that there is no meaning of life except to make it easier by dying is right up my alley.

And a big fuck you to whoever has been stealing my Sunday papers.


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