copycat part deux

January 12, 2009

In a fruitless search for rugged winter wear for my mountain man, I ended up at 5 Urban Outfitters in three states (don’t ask) and it seems that the further south you go, the worse the selection of t-shirts for poseurs. Well, a good selection if you’re lame but a bad selection if you actually need a shirt that won’t get your ass kicked (like the Urkel “Whoa Momma” cami). Anyway, from the depths of the men’s graphic tees section came a familiar face staring back at me: good ol’ L’il Crazy Legs circa 1984. But instead of being on the front of my super sleek business card (which was made almost a year ago), he’s been defaced, pixelated and splattered with orange neon so that instead of being an original member of the Rock Steady Crew and helping to spread early hip-hop to Europe and beyond, he is reduced to a silkscreened image on a cheap white shirt, overpriced and sold on shelves; a hyper-real icon of the era he represents.

Now that’s funky fresh!!!!!!!


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