January 11, 2009

If you genuinely fear the apocolypse, then those fires a few months ago must have really made you piss your pants. For me, I was inspired to buy a futon off a French immigrant who was here selling wines (which I also bought). But I didn’t miss the eerie ball of smoke that had a definite end, beginning and middle. It sat to the northeast of me and I couldn’t resist trying to capture its full intensity by doing a very-touristy 360 degree panorama shot of the scene (click to make larger). On one side is the looming reddish-brown dust (which reminded me of Hexum the evil, tree-cutting pollution smoke from Ferngully) and on the other is beautiful, blue Long Beach skies. Later in the day, the scene was different as ash and pestilence rained down on my outdoor items, but until my cousin got evacuated from her apartment in Placentia, methinks it was the greatest fire season I have lived through.

I’m finally uploading some photos so fuck your timly news.


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