so, george bush and his entourage walk into a war zone…

December 15, 2008

I’m not sure how the rest of the joke goes, but it ends with our president getting wailed with a nice dress shoe by an Iraqi reporter during a press conference while on a goodwill trip to the Middle East in an attempt to restore his historical legacy as the worst president ever.

Since this is breaking news and shit (MSNBC interrupted its afternoon screening of WITNESS TO JONESTOWN to tell me) you can read the story until the amazing footage hits the internet. But, let me just commend the president for not only having the biggest ball-filled cowboy boots this side of a Texas rodeo for even considering a trip to the Middle East five weeks prior to passing the torch to the most aniticipated presidency in recent times (hint: they like you less than we do), but also for his impeccable dodging reflexes. Bush must have known something was about to go down because he was out of the line of shoe-fire before the belligerant reporter could yell “here’s a kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog” and I can’t figure out if the quick reaction time is a leftover from boot camp or he’s just grown accustomed to the press conference peltings. Either way, it was hilarious to watch the perpetual dear-in-headlights nonchalantly hide behind a lectern while being bombarded with two size 10 leather dress shoes.


He barely even flinched!

Oh what a wonderful winter day in California!


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