November 27, 2008

Of all the things I can be thankful for at this exact moment, I am most appreciative for Choke in Silverlake for fixing my moped (or, rather, fixing a miniscule mistake in my mechanic attempt) so I can ride it to work tonight and, mostly, this article about what it’s like to hang out with Prince for an hour and a half. It almost makes me miss my subscription to The New Yorker, except for all the crap that you have to be a New Yorker to “get.”

Here’s a few things you may not have known about Prince’s pad, but could probably have assumed based on his record of not knowing (or not caring) what decade it is:

  • His house sticks out from all the others in his Beverly Hills gated community because of the bright purple fucking carpet spilling down the front steps.
  • “…a Lucite grand piano with a gold-colored “Artist Formerly Known as Prince” symbol suspended over it…”
  • “New Age music played in the living room, where a TV screen showed images of bearded men playing flutes.”
  • Purple thrones stand perched on either side of the fireplace like it’s the temple of Amman.
  • And down the hallway, he had “hung photographs of himself, in a Moroccan villa, in various states of undress.”
  • Prince is a Jehovah’s Witness and attends a local Kingdom Hall and even knocks on doors to pass out those obnoxious newspapers. Could you imagine opening your door at 8am and Prince is there with “The Word.” I might even listen to his schpeel about God and crap!

One Response to “thanksgiving”

  1. Yvonne said

    I don’t know which is worst, his bad taste in home decor or the fact that he is a Jehovah Witness? Don’t get me wrong I have nothing wrong against any religion, but thinking about someone knocking at someone else’s door at 8AM brings back old memories and makes me cringe. I feel that anyone can practice their own religion as long as they give other’s the respect and space they deserve. If someone’s religion practices conflict with other’s belief for instance, that a person is entitled to their own privacy, then that’s a mayor problem for me. I remember the days when I tried to be a good friend to my buddy who is a dedicated Jehovah Witness and I attended his Kingdom Hall during Passover and soon after I found myself running out of excuses to avoid him and his friends who he had introduced me to who were all trying to convert me and get me to take bible studies with them. I wanted to tell him, “Dude, I only went with you to show you support like I try to do to all the other religions I’m trying to familiarize myself with.” Luckily, somehow I managed to overcome this episode in my life and now I no longer try to be too kind to my friends. I keep my distance when it comes to religion.
    As for Prince, now whenever I see him on television I’ll not only remember him as being the person who ruined the halftime show at the super bowl that one year by playing his ugly and annoying guitar, but I’ll also remember him as the crazy annoying Jehova Witness who knocks on people’s door at early hours of the day when most (normal) people are resting.

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