DMV fiasco

November 7, 2008

Today must be Shitty Personalized License Plate Pride Day because while out and about in (where else) Long Beach, I ended up tailgating behind three of the worst speciemins known to to state of California: WAN2CHL, 2DUHMAX and COKECAN.

Here’s a pictoral reenactment of my day:

Innocent driver

On a dirty white truck (make whatever inferences you will).

Sad driver, concerned American.

On a Honda CRV. And no, I don’t.

An even more disgusted, disturbed and publicly-embarrassed-for-you bystander.

Falling out of the ass of a gold Nissan 350z

Oh, the horror of men with insecurities about their small penis!

Seriously, people. You realize people judge you based on these? I now know everything about you that I ever need to know because your gold Nissan sports car tells me you are to “duh” max. How could you hand your application to a government worker with a straight face knowing that it says “WAN2CHL” (unless you were attempting to hit on the DMV chick which might be the only excuse)? The personalized license plate system is made for people who want to share a snippet of information about themselves to strangers on the road through their car’s registration number and today’s examples are giant blue and white flags that say, “hey, let’s never be friends.”


2 Responses to “DMV fiasco”

  1. A. Scott said

    Back in the day, you may remember when “dabomb” was the “in” word of the late 1990s? Before understanding the personal connection between driver and license plate (and the cost of vanity plates), I was convinced that “dabomb” would grace my plate. Good thing I lost that inspiration.

  2. You crack me up. I find myself in this very same position almost every day. I’m either left very satisfied, thinking that something I just saw was smart and witty or I feel embarrassed for having to share the same lane let alone drive down the same street as others. The photographed breakdown was a great visual teaching tool.

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