oh it has begun

October 30, 2008

Things are coming to a boiling point right now and it’s really eerie to be in the middle of all of this as part of the most sought-after demographic in a city rattled with infastructure needs. This morning, the news reported horrific lines at minority-filled voting places and this afternoon, I received no less than five large flyers in my mailbox for various propositions and measures.

Here’s a few other political things that came across my radar today (because a bulleted list is the least amount of effort I can put into something right now to still get these things down):

  • Shenanigans on electronic voting! If you’re having problems voting already, Wired Magazine wants you to know you’re not alone. They’ve set up a country-wide reported-issue map and need your contributions to see where the problems are occurring so hopefully, come Tuesday, votes won’t be getting flipped on electronic voting consoles (since someone out there wrote the codes and therefore, someone out there–who probably has a lot of GOP money in his bank account–knows how to re-write the codes).
  • An artist on the Brooklyn Art Project’s website uploaded his word-cloud renditions based off candidate-website RSS feeds. Though it might not really be art (not much “art” from Brooklyn ever really is), it is interesting to note that McCain’s most-used word is his own last name and at some point in time, Obama used the word “slattery.”
  • The Smoking Gun (which is a treasure trove of celebrity mugshots and world’s dumbest criminal police reports) got a hold of an anti-Obama flyer distributed in a suburban New Jersey neighborhood. Put out by the League of American Patriots, the “Do You Want a Black President” photocopied piece of paper has botched photos of Obama with a cigarette and a turban and then makes the claim that when Haiti and South Africa have bad crime rates because of their black leaders. Oh, they also spell it “Barak.” Do your homework and stop making me laugh so hard, fuckwads.
  • And in case you thought Obama would be the first black president, you thought wrong. There are five others who have been proven to have African ancestry and now, DiversityInc has put them all (Barack included) on a “historical illustration” that is yours free with a subscription to their magazine. Now you own a significant piece of America or a novelty item that will bring laughter to all who see it framed in your living room so no matter who wins, you do!

One Response to “oh it has begun”

  1. Jeff O. said

    Holy crap…

    “not much “art” from Brooklyn ever really is”

    …one of the most accurate statements I’ve read in a long time.

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