October 13, 2008

You know how it’s soooooo cool to be a greasy hipster and wear vintage plaid button-ups and a beanie and buy $3 pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon at some dive bar in Echo Park (Little Joy, much?)? And you know how it’s also cool to ride around on the simplest bike form known to man with no brakes and no coasting, just mashing the hell out of the city streets and living the urban velo dream? Well, Traitor Cycles has come up with a way to cross these two cultural cool-factors into one seamless statement for the scruffy fixie kid in all of us: the officially-licensed PBR Ringleader.

Traitor is the only company in the history of the beer to ever be allowed to use the PBR logo and is the only product aside from the company’s own promotional gear to bear it. And they’re only making 75 of them, so even though it’s the alcoholic’s equivalent of putting a ROOR sticker on your truck’s rear window, when the cops see your blinking light swerving down the street, at least you’ll go out in style.


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