presidential debate #2: a tally

October 7, 2008

This time around, I watched the whole thing and an hour and a half of by the minute commentary would have been pretty boring, although hilarious when making fun of people stuttering over their own questions.

The evening’s final markings:

Questions actually answered by Obama-10
Questions actually answered by McCain-3
McCain shit-talking Senator Obama’s “record” instead of answering the question- 15
McCain bragging about his “record” and “judgement” instead of answering the question-21
Times uncommitted women Ohio voters’ positive vibes went off the chart for Obama (if you were watching CNN)- 16
Awkward shoulder adjustments, elbow flaps and finger waggings from McCain-35
Dubya-esque “heh hehs” from McCain-5
Times in American history that candidate-hugging blocked Tom Brokaw’s script-1

Keywords of the night!

“hair plugs”-1
“middle class”-6
“home loan-buyout” -3 (McCain)

Fun facts:

  • There was so much bald in the room and I occasionally had to look away and let my eyes readjust.
  • McCain also called everyone “my friends” an astounding 16 times! Go McCain!
  • Two of the questioners had heavy Southern accents. One was black.
  • Tom Brokaw had to continually remind the candidates to watch their time limits.
  • There is a star-shaped non-hair growth on the back of Obama’s head. Is it a sign from God or his hairdresser?
  • The town hall meeting-themed presidential debates exist exclusively to make people REALLY uncomfortable about their democracy. Because we still technically run on the government that we fought like blimey hell to instate, but one of the only ways to make actual use of the system—to, literally, have your voice heard—is one of the most embarrassing thing to do and painful things to watch.
  • Obama “won”!
  • Everyone is pissed about the economy.

One Response to “presidential debate #2: a tally”

  1. Brandon said

    I am so surprised that McCain only said “my friends” 16 times! I guess if you were playing the “my friends” drinking game where you had a shot every time McCain said those great words, you would probably be drunk/dead anyways. By the way, I completely agree on your comment about the Town Hall format. I personally believe it was just way too awkward having people read questions they clearly didn’t write and not letting them make any facial reactions.

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