the sky is falling

October 6, 2008

While you were all watching Sarah Palin shoot herself in the foot with her bigot rifle, I was having a birthday on the beach with expensive lobster dinners and indigenous peoples’ history. There was even a cake with my name on it in a dive bar in Silverlake and party cups were everywhere.

But seriously, how about these accusations that Obama is anti-American? I could go on and on about how the “guilt by association” tactic is a slippery slope of pandora’s boxes, but, really, before she opens her mouth about baby Obama canoodling with a “terrorist organization” that “murders policemen,” Miss RVPC (Republican Vice President Candidate) should make sure she and her husband weren’t members of a “fringed, seccessionist movement” that rallied for Alaskan independence. Someone with a TiVo and–a lot more time than I could hope to imagine–filled in all the gaps with this nice little montage:


And while our candidates are taking turns sissy slapping each other, our economy is swirling further into the toilet of former superpowers (even Canada is laughing). Also, the governator needs 7 billion dollars. kthx.


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