rich cat, poor cat

September 16, 2008

I came across these figures on a right-wing blog:

Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1961;
Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected one since 1954;
Cincinnati, OH (3rd)…since 1984;
Cleveland, OH (4th)…since 1989;
Miami, FL (5th) has never had a Republican mayor;
St. Louis, MO (6th)….since 1949;
El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican mayor;
Milwaukee, WI (8th)…since 1908;
Philadelphia, PA (9th)…since 1952;
Newark, NJ(10th)…since 1907.

Nevermind that these figures are completely unsupported and the ones that I found had a completely different order, what frustrated me the most was that these uncorroborated statements were accompanied by the Einstein quote: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Where do I begin?

First off, I think the Republicans have made it very clear that they don’t give a damn about the poor people. So, why would anyone poor–and in their right mind–vote for people who are clearly in the interest of making the rich more rich. Secondly, while the top ten poorest cities might have democratic mayors, the top ten richest cities also have democratic mayors. I don’t mean to rub this point in more, but the top ten poorest states in the country are all red states. Thirdly, I won’t go into details, but if anyone wants to claim that democrats have run these ten cities into the ground, I would be quick to remind them who is in the white house.

But I don’t think this is an issue of poor leadership by either party because we can throw stones back and forth all day. I think it’s just a trend issue in that larger cities, in general, vote democrat and since urban areas have a greater concentration of poor people, of course the democrats will be the mayors of failing cities just as they are the mayors of successful ones.

I just thought it was a great leap from uncorroborated statistics to an accusation against democratic mayors. I doubt the reds could do much better with cities in shambles.


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